RedBird believes that an investment focus, which integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) considerations in our business decisions, is essential to creating value for our investors and developing a more sustainable long-term strategy for our funds and portfolio companies.

Environmental Policy
  • We encourage and embrace the efficient use of natural resources and continuously look for and expect the best environmental solutions for our portfolio companies’ operations.
  • We believe that economic considerations in isolation do not provide sufficient guidance for environmentally conscious decision-making that balances the interests of individuals, communities and future generations.
  • We seek to fully comply and/or exceed compliance with applicable environmental regulatory requirements.
Corporate Governance Policy
  • We seek to ensure that our business practices comply fully, in appearance and deed, with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We strive to maintain RedBird’s reputation by exhibiting diligence, honesty, fairness and transparency in all of our business dealings.
  • We ensure that all portfolio companies have in place appropriate frameworks and measures for corporate governance.

Social Policy
  • We treat all employees, stakeholders and others who are affected by RedBird’s activities fairly and without prejudice to gender, race, ethnic or national origin, socioeconomic status, age, religion or disability.
  • We seek to ensure that RedBird’s underlying employees and portfolio companies comply with the highest ethical standards.
  • We believe our activities should not only benefit our employees and stakeholders, but the community as a whole.