Founded by former Goldman Sachs Partner Gerry Cardinale, RedBird today manages $10 billion of capital principally across its core industry verticals in Sports, TMT, Consumer and Financial Services.  RedBird invests with an entrepreneurial, company-building mentality, with an emphasis on capital appreciation and compounding equity returns over longer holding periods.  RedBird’s network of business founders and entrepreneurs is central to its investment sourcing strategy, and its highly curated group of limited partners are active co-investors who provide scalable capital support.

Core Tenets of a RedBird Investment

Alignment with Entrepreneur, Founder and Family Office (“EFO”) Network

RedBird builds businesses alongside its EFO Network, a group of 400+ members who have sourced over 1,700 investment opportunities since the Firm’s founding in 2014. Partnerships include leading global families that are aligned with RedBird’s investment sectors.

Success-Based Investing

Our returns are driven by the growth and success of our portfolio companies, not by leverage or financial engineering. Our best investments are build-ups where capital is deployed on a success basis over time, providing superior risk adjusted returns as compared with traditional leveraged buyouts.

Capital Preservation

Capital preservation is a core principle for RedBird. Each portfolio company has elements of embedded downside protection such as unique intellectual property, long-term contracted revenue, low leverage, uncorrelated assets, or hedging.

Flexibility and Hands-On Approach

RedBird is a creative investor and is flexible based on the nature of its investments alongside its partners. We are business builders who are hands-on with each of our portfolio companies. Regardless of economic ownership, RedBird invests on a basis of shared or full control.

Long-Term Capital Partnerships

Alignment with a blue-chip group of institutional and family office investors across fund and co-investment opportunities – with
investor-friendly terms and significant capital investment from the RedBird team.